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10 Steps to financial freedom

Hosted by
Neville Ali

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July 2nd
10:00 BST

Here is What You'll Learn

How to adopt a holistic approach to gaining financial freedom.

Long before money even comes into the equation, you will learn what needs to be in place to ensure your success

The one thing you can do every morning which will transform your life.

Every highly successful person from all walks of life does this, but its rarely spoken about

How to get from £1,000 into £91,377 in one year.

The method shown is simple, but requires discipline and focus. Will you rise to the challenge?

Introduction to the most complete Trading and Investing Course you will find anywhere, complete with full guidance and mentoring.

Most Traders fail to make any money.

They lack two things;

Knowledge and guidance.

Everything required for your success can be found right here and with your determination and willingness to do the work and follow the guidance, your success is certain.

Genuine testimonials

See what past students have to say about the Author.

The opportunity to tap into the life of someone who has walked the talk.

This live webinar with Neville Ali gives you the opportunity to freely ask questions and is full of tips and pointers to gain financial freedom.

Optional free 1 hour telephone consultation to further your learning.

There will be a link at the end of the webinar to put you in direct contact with Neville for a 1 hour telephone call.

Includes first Module of Course within this live setting: Basics of Trading.

The first module of a series of 16 modules is delivered in this live webinar covering the topics of:

Trading Terminology.

Explains the meaning of most commonly used terms with demonstrations and videos, dispelling any confusion from the start.

Reading Charts.

Illustrations and videos showing the charting methods I use, from well know to almost unknown.

Technical Indicators.

Covers the most commonly used technical indicators with videos explaining their application.


About Neville Ali

Neville Ali is the founder and course leader at Trading Tutor. With experience in running a chain of retail shops and in property investment, Neville studied trading in US stocks, Commodities and Forex. Through encounters with those trading stocks and shares, Neville moved on to a live trading floor and learnt what it takes to become a successful trader.

Neville is now using his wealth of knowledge and experience gained through study and practice to help others become successful traders to reach the goal of financial freedom.

Due to the personal tuition offered, only a very limited number of students are accepted.

July 2nd
10:00 BST